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I look forward to earning your business thru the results of my work.

Deck Sealing/Staining/Refinishing

Strip away age and bring back that beautiful wood grain you originally installed your deck for. We bring you a means of cleaning, or stripping for refinishing in one service. Your deck will never look better than when Pressure Washing professionals are on site, bringing their wealth of experience to you.

Fence Sealing/Staining/Refinishing

Metal, vinyl, wood and more, there isn’t a fence material out there that Power Washers Pressure Washing can't assist you with. Bringing you the highest level of clean while stripping away the damage from environment and Michigan sun to give you back your beautiful property perimeter boundary.

Washing Outdoor Furniture & Lawn Equipment

We bring our professional treatment to your patio furniture, sitting walls, play sets, sheds, mowers and more.

Vinyl Siding Washing

It takes more than using the right settings to bring a high quality pressure wash to your vinyl siding, and you can rely on our experts to do just that. We will give your home or business the makeover it needs, and bring back the shine and bright colors.

Pressure Washing Homes

From foundation to roof, windows to driveways, if it touches your homes exterior, you can rely on Power Washers Pressure Washing to bring you the perfect service. We use only the safest and most effective practices for every finishing material in your home to provide a thorough and attentive clean.

Driveway Pressure Washing

From oil pan drippings and other fluids, to rubber marks along the edging curb, you will be amazed at the trans formative power that a Pressure Washing service can provide for you. Give your home the type of driveway you want to park in with our high quality offerings.

Painted Surfaces Pressure Washing

With enough pressure to lift the dirt, or lift the paint, you can choose your amount of coverage when it comes to our service. Whether you need a cleaning or a helping hand to strip and sand, you can trust our service professionals to bring you just what you need.

Soft Pressure Washing

Whether vinyl siding, wrapping, treating your roof or otherwise, soft washing can often be the best answer, and Pressure Washing provides this service for you. Protect your surfaces while still providing the best cleaning possible with attentive and effective our soft washing offering.